Just some ideas and thoughts for Layla:

  • Client Data Retrieval: If we need specific data on a patient or want to look up a client's care history, we could ask Layla. For example, "Layla, can you show me Testing Testing's medication history for the last six months?"

  • Analytics and Reports: Leveraging Layla for data insights. "Layla, can you generate a report on ___?"

  • Training and Education (Alayacare App): Layla can serve as a training tool for both new and experienced caregivers, keeping them updated on the latest care techniques, organization specific policies, best practices, and more.

  • Tasks: It would be interesting to see how Layla can assist with Task management

  • Feedback Collection: Layla can collect feedback from clients and caregivers post-service. This feedback can be invaluable in continuously improving the quality of care. This could potentially be embedded within Family Portal to compliment the rating feature.

  • Resource Management: Layla can manage/allocate resources, ensuring that caregivers with specific skills are matched with clients who need those particular services.

Other Ideas:

  • Employee Performance Metrics
  • ACL/Permissions Tracking

I would also be curious to know more about whether or not Layla's algorithm will be iterative allowing for feedback. It would also be beneficial to have confidence levels for specific responses.

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