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Q1. Why did employees not populate into a payroll cycle?

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Check out this short video:

For a detailed written breakdown, see below:

If your organization runs payroll by employee Groups/Departments, this behavior is due to the Employee’s profile not being configured to any Groups/Departments.

 To check this, go to the Employee’s profile > Demographics > then scroll down to find the Group/Department fields and check if they are populated with the Groups/Departments configured in the Payroll Period.

If not, update the Employee profile with the correct Groups/Departments. Then, re-generate the Payroll in the Payroll Period > Payroll Run & Export, by either:

  • Deleting the payroll run and click “Run Payroll” for a fresh payroll run. OR
  • If your payroll has already been submitted, click “Re-run” to apply Post-Period Adjustments.


If issue is not resolved after going through the steps in this guide, please search through Zendesk articles or have your super user submit a Zendesk ticket.

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