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How do I generate a new client batch? 

  •  To view past batch exports and create a new batch, go to Clients > Client Charts 
  • On the client batch export page, you will see a list of all previously generated batches for clients listed with the Batch ID, Batch name, Batch category, Creation date, Selected visits date range, Employee who created the batch, Total clients included in the batch, and Batch status
  • To generate a new batch, click Create new batch
  • In the create new batch dialogue, enter a Batch name
  • You have the option to select an existing Batch category from the dropdown or enter a new one. Batch categories can be used to organize batch exports according to your organization’s needs. 
  • Choose the PDF naming format for each PDF that will be generated as part of the batch. The options currently available are Batch ID + AlayaCare Client ID and Batch Start Date + Client External ID + Last Name
  • Finally, choose the start and end dates that you wish to include client records for. Only records entered during these dates or tied to visits during this period will be included in the batch. Note that the start and end dates must be within 365 days of each other. 
  • When you are ready, click Apply to batch to proceed. 

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