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How do I enable mobile workers to see Care Plans? 


Check out this short video:

For a detailed written breakdown see below:

You can do so by ensuring the following ACLs (Access Control Lists) are enabled for their role:

  • View Client
  • View Facility
  • View Care Plan 

To enable these ACLs, go to Settings > Roles and Permissions

Select the applicable role (e.g. Home Care Nurse) and ensure that the correct permission is checked off:

  • View Client cane be found under the Customer folder (see above example)
  • View Care Plan can be found under the Clinical folder

  • View Facility can be found under the Facility folder

For more information on ACLs and how to grant employee permissions, see the following Support Articles: How do I add, edit, delete Employee Roles and Grant Permissions? and Roles and Permissions Overview.

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