Medication Transition

Welcome to the community group for Medication 1.0 to 2.0 Transition. This group is intended for agencies that are currently documenting all medication activities with AlayaCare Cloud's Medication module

This group will provide you with updates and transitional material for your agency to learn about the new Medication workflows.  

What is changing?

Medication 2.0 is AlayaCare’s new medication tracking, administration, and reconciliation module. Accompanying app performance improvements is a new approach to enhance our clinical workflow capabilities. As an upgrade to our Medications 1.0 solution, its key benefits are:

  • Additional reporting capability: Medications 2.0 allows users to easily create medication administration reports and pull information into 485 forms so to meet CMS requirements.
  • Custom medication library: the medication library allows the easy entry, storage and retrieval of data when required. Nurses and caregivers can save time on administration tasks and more on delivering care to their clients.
  • Overall configurability: The new settings in Medications 2.0 can be configured to meet agency specific requirements when entering medication details.

For a full list of what is available on Medication 2.0, download the 1.0 vs. 2.0 Comparison Chart.

You may also refer to this article for a sneak peak on a new feature called Medication Administration.

As AlayaCare continues to improve on this new Medication 2.0 Module, you will continue to see new features and enhancements. 

What is the transition timeline?

As of March 2024, some users have already started with this transition process. We kindly ask all current beta customers to transition by the end of April 2024.

If anything prevents your team from transitioning, please communicate with @YHuang .

Getting started

To begin your transition, please review the transition guide and checklist that we have linked in our Announcements below.

  1. Request UAT data update from production via Zendesk link this request will overwrite UAT with a copy of production data - When this request is complete we will re enable all the medication release flags in UAT including the medication 1.0 to 2.0 data migration process. This is required if you are  using medication 1.0 and need to transfer this to medication 2.0.
  2. In UAT Review client medication profiles with the data migration enabled, complete any remaining training, 
  3. Pick a date on or after March 15th to enable Medication 2.0 in your production environment, if you can include this in the original request perfect otherwise submit a separate request with the production go live date and time so we can schedule the release flags to be set at the requested date and time.

How to use this Group

Please use the "Discussions" section below to provide us with any feedback/ask any questions you might have on the transition process.

If you have feedback on the Medications 2.0 feature, please add it to the Ideas Board.

Please note: Any discussions or comments made in this Group during the Beta period may be archived before the feature moves to General Availability to ensure there is no confusion.

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