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Password & Security Strengthening Troubleshooting Guide


AlayaCare is in the process of rolling out stronger user password requirements and security updates for non-SSO configured customers to further enhance the safety of your AlayaCare environment.

For more information on that process, please see this post:

Below, is a troubleshooting guide for Password & Security Strengthening to ensure a seamless transition for your agency:

Steps to take for successful log in on the mobile app

Step 1: Users should be using the most updated version of the mobile app (for information on how to check which version of the app you're on, check out the following post on Zendesk: How do I update the mobile app to the latest version?)

Step 2: Users should ensure that they have set up a default browser on their mobile devices to ensure successful logins. Clicking the "Log In" button will trigger a web pop-up on the mobile device. To assist with this process, here are the steps (please note, these steps may be different depending on the device):

  • Android: On your Android device > open Settings > Tap Apps > Under "General," tap Default apps > Tap Browser app > Chrome.
  • Apple: Go to Settings > Scroll down until you find the browser app > Tap the app > then tap Default Browser App or Default Mail App

Step 3: Users will need to set the mobile device’s date/time settings as automatic:

  • On your iPhone or iPad: ClickSettings > General > Date & Time. This automatically sets your date and time based on your time zone.
  • On your Android Device: Tap Settings to open the Settings menu > Tap Date & Time > Tap Automatic.

Step 4: Users will need to make sure they have setup a strong password with the following requirements:

  • Minimum length of 8 characters
  • Contains at least one uppercase character
  • Contains at least one lowercase character
  • Contains at least one special character

Users should also see the following screens on the mobile app:

Slide #1: 3-4 days prior to the rollout of the new login experience, users accessing the app will encounter an onboarding carousel immediately upon logging in. The primary objective of the first slide in this carousel is to inform the user about the upcoming change in the login process, specifically that the login interface will be presented within a web view.

Slide #2: The second slide purpose is to warn the user that they might be required to go through a “reset password” flow to strengthen their current password.